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5 inch gauge 14xx dismantled - stock code 2558

Another of the fabulous Winson 14xx tank engines, this one was bought, assembled, disassembled, sold, partially reassembled, painted then disassembled again. Ideal state to buy it in, given that, if you buy a complete one, you're only going to have to pull it apart anyway.

I have found the 14xx one of the kit engines that can be made to work effectively without major surgery, they simply need putting together with a modicum of mechanical sympathy. This one looks largely complete, although missing some minor fittings (and, currently, the grate and ashpan although these have been sighted and are expected soon). The set of original assembly instructions are included.

With some common sense these build up into pretty little engines, an easy-to-handle size which can be made to go well.

Click here to see a fully-assembled one which sold recently.

gauge 5 inch