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5 inch gauge 0-4-0+0-4-4 Garratt "William Francis" - stock code 6766

We sold this one last year, it's recently come back little changed other than having acquired a few parts which the owner had professionally made, including crankpins (fitted and wheels quartered), coupling and connecting rods and pistons. Pictures and words below are from September 2014, the engine is in substantially the same condition now.

A finely built model of the Baddesley Colliery Garratt "William Francis", built to works drawings with castings from the builder's own patterns. Work to date is to a high standard, the pictures show the level of detail and execution thereof. Whilst there is work required to finish the engine - we estimate it to be around 75% complete - the majority of the difficult bits are done. It needs time rather than money to complete from here.

The prototype is an attractive engine and makes for a compact model in 5 inch gauge - the original, the sole remaining standard gauge Garratt, is at Bressingham Museum.

Complete with a large quantity of works drawings and photographs, builder's original patterns, construction notes and sketches.

Hydraulic test @160psi for 80psi working pressure, 19-Aug-2014

gauge 5 inch