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4 inch scale Ruston tractor - stock code 3684

I sold this engine back in 2006 - the last owner has worked away on the engine, repainting it and continuing assembly. It now runs on air, is slightly less assembled than it was two years ago (having been taken apart for painting) but has all bits to finish off, along with a complete set of build instructions. The description below is blagged shamelessly from the archive, the pictures are new, taken this afternoon.

A complete, new kit-build 4 inch scale Ruston steam tractor, about 90% assembled with parts to finish, including assembly instructions for all stages and boiler paperwork including initial hydraulic test certificate, welder's and material certificates.

A diminutive engine in full size at only 3 1/2 tons, the Ruston makes for a similarly dinky model in 4 inch scale - it's more like a super-sized 3 inch engine, although with the advantage of more height which means less crouching over the controls.

Steel boiler, 120 psi working pressure, initial hydraulic test certificate for 350 psi. Boiler fed by injector and mechnical pump with bypass, auxiliary hand pump mounted on side of tender. Stainless steel grate. Single cylinder, slide valve actuated by Stephenson's valve gear. Two speed transmission with winch behind nearside rear wheel and tender-mounted fairleads.

As with all kit-build engines, the parts benefit considerably from sympathetic fettling on assembly and careful checking at all stages for free running.

Length 46 inches
Height 36 inches
Width 20 inches
Weight 400 pounds

scale 4 inch