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4 inch scale Ruston tractor - stock code 3221

A complete, new kit-build 4 inch scale Ruston steam tractor which has been carefully assembled - the engine turns over freely, the motion work has been well put together. There are a variety of sensible modifications, including replacing the water gauges with good quality, three-cock items, a sight feed glass fitted to show tender water level and a screw-type regulator.

A diminutive engine in full size at only 3 1/2 tons, the Ruston makes for a similarly dinky model in 4 inch scale - it's more like a super-sized 3 inch engine, although with the advantage of more height which means less crouching over the controls.

Steel boiler fed by injector and mechnical pump with bypass. Single cylinder, slide valve actuated by Stephenson's valve gear, mechanical lubricator. Two speed transmission with winch behind nearside rear wheel and tender-mounted fairleads.

The engine has never been run - the paintwork has been done to a good standard, although in some slightly odd places (the well-finished gloss black extends over the motion work and inside both firebox and smokebox, which will make for an interesting first firing). The only thing I can see missing is a broken off whistle.

Length 46 inches
Height 36 inches
Width 20 inches
Weight 400 pounds

scale 4 inch