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4 inch scale part-built Fowler Showmans road locomotive - stock code 2299

A well-advanced Fowler DCC Showmans Road Locomotive in 4 inch scale. Much work and the vast majority of the expense is now behind it, with the main work to complete comprising:

Gear guards
Steering gear
Canopy - there are some wooden roof spars for this
Belly tanks - there is a set of formed up sheet metal which requires assembling

The expansion links and remainder of the motion work are supplied, there is a machined and painted flywheel ready to be fitted, along with an immaculately painted and lined set of boiler cladding. The 110 volt dynamo has been reconditioned and is ready to fit (although you'll need a strong friend - it's all I can do to lift it!).

Although there is still a good bit of work to do, the engine could be put into runnable condition with little extra work - from here it's mainly a matter of plumbing up the boiler fittings and getting a chimney tube rolled up to connect the base casting to the brass cap!

Length completed will be around seven feet, weight around three quarters of a ton. If you want to get an idea of the finished article, Princess is a very similar engine.

scale 4 inch