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4 inch scale part-built Dodman traction engine - stock code 4280

One of the rarer engnes that we see, this is a 4 inch scale Dodman single crank compound, built to the Peter Filby design using the drawings and castings supplied by Bob Whitehead. Work to date is to a good standard by an experienced engineer who had already built several other large scale traction engines and locomotives.

Work to date comprises a welded steel boiler with expanded tubes by AJB Engineering, CE-marked and complete with all documentation with hydraulic test at 340psi for 170psi working pressure. Wheels have been built to a good standard, the crankshaft is fitted complete with connecting rod and eccentric sheaves for valve and pump rods - there is a machined strap for the pump.

Transmission is substantially complete, all shafts fitted complete with professionally-cut gears. Smokebox and perch bracket are largely complete, there is a smokebox door to fit.

The compound block is machined and fitted to the boiler, complete with slide valve, piston and rod, guide bars with crosshead and end cover. The safety valve base is machined and fitted, there is a machined valve chest cover and front cylinder cover.

Valve gear is largely complete with valve rod, expansion link, lifting links, weighshaft, valve rods and eccentrics. The engine turns over and would require little further work to run on air.

Complete with a set of drawings.

Complete engine:
Length 72 inches
Height 52 inches

Bore/stoke 2 + 3 1/2 x 4

scale 4 inch