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4 inch scale part built Clayton steam wagon - stock code 7546

A well-advanced 4 inch scale Clayton steam wagon. We sold a similar, complete engine a couple of years ago - a large, capable wagon in this scale, there are pictures in the archive.

Work to date has been done to a good standard - it's been stored in the builder's workshop for some time, where it's accumulated a little fine surface rust and quite a lot of sawdust. The project thus far comprises a rolling chassis with Ackermann steering, pneumatic-tyred road wheels with back axle and differential made and fitted. Engine is complete and fitted - the builder has run it on air in the past - and includes mechanical lubricator and boiler feed pump. There is a well made cab with detachable roof.

The engine will require a boiler - at this size we'd go for steel - and fittings for same.

Length 62 inches
Width 31 inches
Height 36 inches

scale 4 inch
length/inches 62
width/inches 31
height/inches 36