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4 inch scale Garrett traction engine - stock code 3255

One of the more rarely-modelled designs, the 7nhp Garrett makes up into a large, good-looking engine. This one is a nine year old engine, built by a gentleman who also has a super 1 1/2 inch Allchin and the very rarely seen 4 inch sale Foden timber tractor to his credit. As usual with engines which come straight from the builder, this one has been well looked after and is in excellent order throughout.

Steel boiler by Valentine Engineering, expanded tube, prototypical flanged backhead rather than the more usual welded-in flat plate. Feed by mechanical pump and injector, working pressure 120psi. Twin Ramsbottom safety valves. Single cylinder, slide valve actuated by Stephenson's reversing gear with pole reverser. Mechanical lubricator, governor.

Four shaft transmission with two road speeds, winch behind nearside rear wheel with fairleads mounted on tender. Steam water lifter on tender. Bonded rubber tyres fitted to road wheels, the rear tyres correctly fitted to steel bands over strakes.

There is a passenger trolley running on pneumatic tyres, fitted with a pair of water tanks internally with taps to feed the engine tender. The engine can either be driven from the trolley using a short drawbar, or from a tender-mounted seat with a long drawbar. There is a pair of good quality fitted covers for the engine and trolley.

The engine has all boiler paperwork from new, a current certificate and is road registered with V5 document.

Length 76 inches
Width 30 inches
Height 47 inches
Flywheel 17 inch diameter

scale 4 inch