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4 inch scale freelance traction engine - stock code 2961

A large, rather well proportioned traction engine of freelance design. based on a two speed agricultural engine, completed and steamed for the first time earlier this year.

Professionally-built steel boiler by Gloucester Steam, expanded tubes, fusible plug, hydraulic test to 240psi for maximum working pressure of 120psi - the safety valve is currently set for 90psi working. Feed by crankshaft driven pump, injector with auxiliary hand pump in tender. Water lifter with tender-mounted hose, there is a useful sight glass on the tender to show water level. Single cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear with pole reverser on footplate. Mechanical lubricator. Two road speeds, winch drum behind nearside rear wheen with fairleads on tender. Rubber tyres hot bonded to rims and ground to shape.

The builder regards it as a 4 inch scale engine - it is not the size of a 4 inch Foster or Burrell, but it towers over a 3 inch engine and is larger than a 4 inch Ruston Proctor I've currently got in the workshop. It runs very well - the videos were taken at the end of an afternoon's steaming yesterday when there was barely 10psi on the clock.

The engine is complete with a purpose built driving/passenger trolley (which can carry two 25 litre water containers), substantial 12 volt blower, flue brush and two spare fusible plugs. It has been run with water treatment from new, the boiler has three years remaining on its manufacturer's hydraulic certificate and a steam test through until next May.

4 inch
4 inch
Ruston Proctor
3 inch Burrell
Length 65 48 44
Width 25 21 20
Height 37 35 31
Flywheel dia. 14 1/2 10 11 1/2
Rear wheel dia. 20 16 17
Front wheel dia. 13 1/2 13 11
Stroke 3 1/2 3 2 3/4
scale 4 inch