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4 inch scale Fowler DCC traction engine - stock code 6101

A part-built 4 inch scale Fowler DCC road locomotive, comprising:

  • CE-marked steel boiler with expanded tubes by the incomparable Tony Baldwin of AJB Engineering
  • Crankshaft complete with eccentric sheaves
  • Full set of gearing, including differential
  • Rolled rims with T-rings welded in
  • Set of hubs, part-machined
  • Front end including a smokebox and door with front ring, perch bracket,chimney with cap and base and front axle
  • Grate and ashpan
  • Majority of the motionwork and valve gear
  • Pistons and rods
  • Drawbar and fairleads for tender

There is a complete set of drawings for the engine.

scale 4 inch