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4 inch scale Fowler DCC road locomotive - stock code 5502

Recently emerged from many years dry storage in a garage, this is the work of a prolific engineer with fifteen other locomotives to his credit as well as a 3 inch scale Burrell - a man of considerable and eclectic abilities, his oeuvre spanned everything from small stationary engines to a 7 1/4 inch gauge "Locomotion".

A well-made engine which has obviously, from the condition of the motionwork and tyres, had little use, it was built to the popular Plastow "Princess" design with a professionally-built welded steel boiler. Water is carried in belly tanks and tender, there is a water lifter mounted on the front tanks. Working pressure is 110psi, boiler feed is by injector and mechanical pump, with an auxiliary hand pump on the footplate. Twin cylinder compound with simpling valve, slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear. Mechanical lubricator, Pickering-type governor and whistle mounted on the cast iron cylinder block.

Three speed, four shaft transmission with differential, winch drum behind nearside rear wheel with fairleads mounted on tender.

Although having been laid up for a long time (with the mud from a long-ago Boxing Day run still caked on the rear wheels), the engine had been drained and well-oiled after its last outing. An engine built for use rather than decoration, this is the work of a man who knew his job - the motionwork is finely fitted and turns over exceptionally smoothly, it's an easy engine to drive with ample reserves of power and a good turn of speed on the road.

Complete with a well thought out driver's truck - it close couples to the back of the engine with a comfortable cast-iron tractor seat for the driver and standard ball-hitch at the rear to tow a passenger trolley. There's a clip of Jon running around on the engine last week here a couple of days after it arrived.

Hydraulic test @220psi for 110psi working pressure, 14-8-2012
Steam test 14-8-2012

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