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4 inch scale Foster traction engine - stock code 6523

A 4 inch scale Foster agricultural engine, to the popular Live Steam Models design. This engine has come from the son of the last owner, the engine was last used regularly nearly ten years ago.

Steel boiler with expanded tubes, 100psi working pressure, feed by mechanical pump and injector. Cast iron cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear, mechanical and displacement lubricators, governor. Two speed transmission with differential, winch mounted behind nearside rear wheel with fairleads on tender.

One of the most popular 4 inch scale engines we get in, Foster's have a well-deserved reputation for robust design and good performance - this one runs particularly well, even notched up, in both directions.

And no, I don't know why both Fosters we've had in in the last couple of months have been called "Princess" - a coincidence, it's not us swapping the nameplates around!

Length 79 inches
Width 30 inches
Height 45 inches
Flywheel 18 inches

Weight approx 1/2 ton

scale 4 inch