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4 inch scale Foster agricultural engine - stock code 7109

We sold this one back in 2014, straight after the open day where it had done sterling service all day running around the works with a variety of people either driving it or riding behind. It's recently come back along with a 4 inch scale Case 45hp from a man who has recently bought an 8 ton Burrell roller (which looks lovely in the photos he showed me at the open day).

An older engine, it had a new boiler in 2013/14 which has seen little use in the past couple of years - it remains in excellent condition. The engine goes well - it was running at our open day a couple of weeks ago. A free-steaming, easy to drive engine - was just the thing to let beginners have a go on (when they could get Connor off it).

Welded steel boiler by AJB Engineering, built 2013, expanded tubes, 120psi working pressure. Ramsbottom type safety valves, feed by injector and mechanical pump with bypass. Mechanical lubricator and whistle mounted on the cylinder block. Cast iron cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear, Watt type governor. Four shaft, two speed transmission with differential, winch behind nearside rear wheel with fairleads on tender.

There's some video of young Will having a cautious run around the estate on it here - working with us for the summer holidays, he's already got the hang of the 4 inch Foden, this was his first time out on an agricultural. He came back smiling, with ten fingers and the machine re-usable - our definition of a successful test run for any engine.

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