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4 inch scale Clayton wagon - stock code 6131

A 4 inch scale Clayton steam wagon, built by an experienced engineer with several other large locomotives to his credit. This one has been test-steamed and was then partly dismantled to fit a countershaft in the driveline to reduce the gearing (a common and worthwhile improvement we see on the 2 inch scale Claytons we get in). A change in circumstances means that the builder now needs to concentrate on other projects, this one is ready for somebody else to complete.

Steel boiler by the Gloucester Steam & Traction Company, all welded with expanded tubes. Feed by injector, mechanical and hand pumps, ball valve regulator. Twin cylinder slide valve engine, mechanical lubricator, single speed with chain drive to rear axle-mounted differential.

Length 66 inches
Width 29 inches
Height 39 inches

scale 4 inch
length/inches 66"
width/inches 29"
height/inches 39"