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4 inch scale Clayton wagon - stock code 2672

Third time round for this one. I first bought the engine in 2003 - it was blue in those days and had the cab and bodywork part dismantled. Put it all back together and had it boiler tested, it went very well. It sold to a chap who stripped and painted it into maroon, seemingly with some immensely slow-drying paint. It came back when he part-exchanged it for a 4 inch Showmans engine, every time I drove it thereafter I ended up with sticky maroon toffee on my jeans. Next owner stripped it again and painted it into green - nicer colour and better paint (which actually dried). He steamed it a couple of times then, before having a chance to put it back together properly, moved onto a 4 1/2 inch Burrell agricultural, making this one surplus to requirements.

So, here it is again. Painted green, cab and bodywork loosely assembled (again), the copper pipe linking engine to exhaust needs replacing but other than that it's a complete, running engine. Details are all pretty much as they were in its maroon period - only difference now is its rather better on the rough, having had the front springs sorted out to give a reasonable amount of ground clearance. An extra water tank has been fitted to the rear of the chassis.

Overall length 64 inches
Weight approx 500 pounds

Length 80 inches

Total length engine and trailer coupled 128 inches

scale 4 inch