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4 inch scale Burrell DCC Showmans engine - stock code 3085

I wasn't too sure whether to list this as "new", "part-built" or "for restoration". It's all three actually.

This is a 4 inch scale Burrell DCC road locomotive, built in the 1990s. Although about 95% completed, it was never finished. I suspect it changed hands at that point, the majority of the work is to a good standard, but there is evidence of later hasty attempts to get it running and some pretty grotty painting. It looks as if it may have been steamed once, although with not a trace of packing in any of the glands it must have been quite an interesting experiment.

Boiler by Valentine Engineering of Raunds, steel throughout with expanded tubes and fusible plug. Feed by injector and mechanical pump. Cast iron compound cylinder block with simpling valve, slide valves actuated by Stephenson's reversing gear with pole reverser on footplate - the motion is well-fitted and all turns over smoothly. Mechanical lubricator, governor and steam siren mounted on block. Four shaft, three speed transmission with differential, winch behind nearside rear wheel with fairleads mounted on tender. Rubber tyres fitted to road wheels - the front ones require bonding on.

The electrical installation comprises a pair of dynamos, main generator and exciter.

The canopy is beautifully made and includes a removeable hatch over the footplate which will make driving the finished engine considerably easier - it is complete with all twisted brasswork to fit to the engine (indeed it was only removed so the boiler inspector could get a better look at it last week).

Work remaining includes:

  • Boiler cladding

  • Tender tank cover/footplate

  • Locking plate for gear selector

  • Safety valve bobbins, locking bar and spring

  • Motion covers

  • Painting

The boiler comes complete with the manufacturer's twice working pressure hydraulic test and original material certificates. It has been hydraulic tested in the last week and a new certificate issued.

The engine has the potential, with some effort, to produce a brand new example of a rather rare model. There are some pictures of a similar engine in the archive, built to the same design - I kept that one for a couple of years before I could bring myself to part with it.

Length 84 inches
Width 37 inches over rear wheels
Rear wheels 28 inch diameter
Front wheels 18 inch diameter
Flywheel 19 inch diameter
Weight 17 cwt

scale 4 inch