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4 inch Foster traction engine - stock code 1841

Well-built 4 inch scale Foster traction engine in excellent running order.

Built in 1991 using drawings and castings by Live Steam Models, the engine has a full boiler history and certificate to July 2003. Professionally built steel boiler fitted with fusible plug, fed by injector and crank driven pump. Ramsbottom safety valves, working pressure 90 psi. The engine is fitted with a water lifter, winch and governor.

We have had several of these popular 4 inch scale Fosters over the years - they are a good-looking, powerful engine, easily capable of pulling loads of 5 tons on good ground. At 6 feet long and weighing almost half a ton, they are the ideal size for working over the "humps and hollows" of a typical rally field!

Length 72 inches (excluding seat)
Weight 8 1/2 cwt

scale 4 inch