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4 inch Burrell part-built - stock code 2409

Part-built 4 inch scale Burrell traction engine with some difficult work done and much money already spent.

Work to date comprises:

Steel boiler, expanded steel tubes, provision for fusible plug
Firehole door with hinges and pin
Smokebox front ring
Wheels built and fitted
Smokebox, perch bracket and front axle
Crankshaft machined, splines cut for road gears
Flywheel, turned, bored and keyway cut
Largely complete tender and ashpan
Final drive gear cut and bored
Pair of flanged spectacle plates
Brass crankshaft end cap
Brass front hub caps
Flange plates for boiler clacks
Set of firebars

There are unmachined castings for:

Differential gear
Mechanical pump (gunmetal)
Crank lower bearing housings
3 x eccentric straps (two for valve rods, one for pump)
Tender step
Rear hub covers "Burrell Thetford"
Steeering wheel
Brake wheel
Brake shaft bracket
Cylinder block
Rear cylinder cover
Weighshaft bracket
Burrell makers plate for valve chest cover
Smokebox door plate "Burrell Patent Traction Engine"

There is a box of new fittings and fastenings:

Three cock water gauge with protector and glass
Injector water valve
Pair of drain cocks

There is a set of drawings, parts and castings are still available from Live Steam Models.

Completed dimensions:

Length 70 inches
Flywheel 18 inch diameter
Rear wheels 24 inch diameter
Weight 10 cwt in working order

scale 4 inch