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4 inch Burrell DCC traction engine - stock code 2839

A well-engineered example of the Filby/Live Steam Models 4 inch scale Burrell DCC road locomotive, based on "Simplicity", built in 1930.

This project was started many years ago by a professional mechanic, now retired. A good machinist and turner in his own right, he also had extensive contacts in the trade, allowing him to put out all the large machined jobs to professionals - this included the one-piece machined crankshaft, all gearing, cylinder block and the tyres which are all vulcanised to the rims.

Work to date comprises:

  • Steel boiler by Holt, expanded steel tubes, fusible plug, complete with all paperwork, welding certificates and initial hydraulic test at 420psi for working pressure of up to 210psi
  • Parallel action firehole door fitted
  • Cylinder block bored, machined to fit boiler, all ports cut, liners fitted.
  • Wheels, steel with riveted spokes, rims all machined to ensure precise concentricity with hub before rubber tyres were vulcanised on
  • One-piece steel crankshaft, complete with connecting rods with split big ends
  • Complete set of gearing machined and fitted, including differential and steering gears
  • All transmission shafts machined and fitted
  • Smokebox with front ring and chimney base, perch bracket and front axle fitted.

In addition there is a box of machined and part-machined components including:

  • Weighshaft bracket machined and valve rod bushes fitted
  • HP & LP pistons, piston rings, rods and crossheads
  • Crankshaft balance weights
  • Set of slide bars
  • Set of four eccentric straps and sheaves
  • Set of four eccentric rods complete with bases, to be welded/brazed

There are unmachined castings for:

  • Flywheel
  • Rear hub plates
  • Tender steps
  • Tender brake hangers and operating lever
  • Flywheel brake

Major work to complete comprises:

  • "Tinwork" - tender, belly tanks and gear guards
  • Motionwork - expansion link, lifting links, weighshaft, reversing lever
  • Boiler fittings
  • Assembly of steering gear, chainshaft and chains, shackles for front axle
  • Completion of cylinder block assembly - safety valves, governor, valve chest covers
  • Gear selector assembly

There is a complete set of drawings, most clean although the crankshaft drawing has obviously had a serious few hours in the workshop. Parts and castings are available from Live Steam Models - there is a full specification of the engine and parts listing on their website.

Weight when finished will be a little under a ton depending on specification. I've had both Showmans and Road Locomotive versions of this design (and had a great deal of pleasure from both - the Showmans engine was with me for nearly two years, the blue road locomotive only recently sold).

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