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4 1/2 inch scale Wallis & Steevens "Simplicity" roller - stock code 11149

An early stage 4 1/2 inch scale Wallis & Steevens "Simplicity" steam roller to the Plastow design.

Including flanged boiler material, parts and most of the significant castings, the model is a straightforward build requiring only modest-sized workshop equipment.

Work to date is to a good standard and includes:

  • Set of front and rear rolls
  • Machined forks
  • Machined crankshaft and second shaft, assembled into hornplates complete with stub axles
  • Steering gear and quadrant
  • Machined piston with rings
  • Machined valve and pump eccentic straps, pump sheave
  • Rear hubcaps
  • Machined final drive gear blanks

We've had several of these in over the years in both 3 inch and 4 1/2 inch scale - there are some pictures of one of the larger engines in the archive here.

scale 4 1/2 inch
weight/kg 223
bore x stroke/inches 1 1/2 x 2 1/4
wheel material steel
cylinder material cast iron
valve type slide
valve gear Stephensons
boiler type marine
boiler material copper
road speed(s) 1