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4 1/2 inch scale part-built Burrell - stock code 2053

A well-advanced model in 4 1/2 inch scale of a Burrell 6nhp agricultural traction engine to the well-proven H.R.Plastow design. The vast majority of the large, difficult or expensive work is done - the engine could be completed with modest workshop equipment and very little further expenditure.

Work completed and fitted comprises:

Steel boiler with expanded tubes, clack valves and firehole door fitted.
Smokebox assembly with perch bracket and front axle, chimney and cap, front door with locking bar, dart and handles.
Cylinder assembly fitted complete with all glands, piston and rod, slide valve and rod, guide bars, weighshaft bracket, safety valves, part-built governor and whistle
Crankshaft and flywheel assembly with connecting rod. Crankshaft splines professionally cut
Valve and pump eccentric straps and sheaves, valve eccentric rods.
Complete set of professionally-cut gears including differential, winch and brake drums
Wheels with retaining collars and hub caps. Front wheels have been rubber-tyred (rather indifferently), rear rims are plain, ready for tyreing.
Rivetted tender with water pocket, lifting hose brackets, winch fairleads.
Steering wheel, worm and worm wheel, chain axle

In addition there is a box of loose parts comprising:

Finished boiler feed pump with valves and ram.
Hitch pin for tender
Injector with water cock
Steam manifold with injector and water-lifter valves fitted
Three-cock water gauge with glass
Screw-down brake assembly
Valve chest cover, gasket and Burrell works plate
Parts to complete governor including drive belt
Gear selector plate casting
"Washout boiler" plate casting

Complete set of Plastow drawings for the engine

Work required to complete will include:

Gear guards
Ashpan and grate
Boiler and cylinder cladding
Pipe up side feeds, mechanical pump, injector, pressure and water gauges
Weighshaft, lifting links and expansion link assembly
Reversing handle and reach rod
Band brake strap and wooden blocks
Regulator slide valve and rod
Mechanical lubricator
Pressure gauge

The work done thus far is to a good standard. It would be entirely feasible to complete this engine in time for the beginning of next season - in 4 1/2 inch scale the Burrell makes a large and powerful engine for the rally field, capable of pulling around 5 tons on a flat metalled surface. If anybody can get it in steam before the end of this year, I'll throw in a quarter ton of our best steam coal and a gallon of cylinder oil!

To see a first class example of an engine built to this design (although in 3 inch scale) click here. There's a picture of a complete 4 1/2 inch specimen at the steamup on the news page (now sold I'm afraid!).

Length 72 inches
Height 48 inches
Weight 800 pounds

scale 4 inch