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4 1/2 inch scale Foden steam wagon - stock code 6772

Built from one of the Steam Traction World kits, this Foden C-type steam wagon is the work of a man whose father worked in a brewery running a Foden for deliveries before the war. In 1952 it was put back into service briefly before being sold for scrap, the young boy being taken with his father from London to Sevenoaks in Kent on what was to be one of its last runs. Back then the boy vowed that, one day, he'd have a Foden of his own...

Fast forward fifty years, this engine is the result. Started in 2010, the wagon was completed and had its first steam test in May 2012. Since completion it's been rallied with every success - now advancing years (for a man well into his eighth decade) have meant it's simply too big and heavy to handle for its builder. It's come to us in fine condition, the engine is road-registered with V5 document.

Welded steel boiler with expanded tubes, feed by injector and mechanical pump. Twin cylinder double-high engine, cast iron cylinders with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear, twin mechanical lubricators. Three shaft, three speed transmission, chain drive to rear axle with differential - the wagon runs on pneumatic tyres all round, with twin wheel back axle.

We've had this one in steam most of the morning, impressed with how well it goes - a free-steaming engine, it's quick on the road and easy to drive, the pneumatic tyres making for a comfortable ride. There's some video of it here.

Length 106 inches
Height 43 inches
Width 43 inches
Weight 1/2 ton

scale 4 inch
injector(s) 1
boiler number STW154
working pressure/psi 140
boiler type locomotive
boiler material steel
boiler construction welded, expanded tubes
superheater(s) no
fusible plug yes
safety valve(s) 2
mechanical pump 1