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4 1/2 inch scale Burrell 6nhp agricultural - stock code 2513

I sold this one back in 2005, it's recently come back in. Pictures below are from 2005, still looks much the same, the engine is in good order.

Rather a nicely made 4 1/2 inch scale Burrell to the Plastow design, ten years in the making and completed in 2000.

Steel boiler with expanded tubes, fusible plug, feed by crankshaft pump, injector and, unusually for an engine in this size, a serious-size hand pump in the tender with detachable handle. Slide valve cylinder, Stephenson's reversing gear with pole reverser on footplate, mechanical lubricator.

The engine is two speed with winch drum behind the left hand rear wheel, fairleads on the tender. It is rubber-tyred and road-registered - currently taxed through to February 2006.

I've spent much of this afternoon on this engine, it goes very well indeed with light controls and plenty of go with sharp, well-defined exhaust beats. The engine is equipped with a spark arrester - an increasingly common requirement at clubs and rallies - and a very comfortable driving seat which mounts on the back of the tender. Beneath the seat there is a useful little hidey hole for kindling and a spare fusible plug.

Length 72 inches
Weight approx 1/2 ton

scale 4 inch