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4 1/2 inch scale Allchin traction engine - stock code 3412

A well-advanced 4 1/2 inch scale traction engine, based on Hughes' "Allchin" design tripled up - it comes out as a large engine, at something around half a ton it stands higher than the McLaren road locomotive that's currently in the workshop alongside it - the builder had intended to fit rubber tyres, which would make it taller still. (Check the engine lineup pictures here to see the size relative to 4 inch Garrett and Foster agricultural engines).

Work to date is to a functional rather than show-winning standard, however the engine is largely complete, runs on air and has a new twice pressure hydraulic test on the steel boiler for 100psi working pressure. Work to complete includes making a set of safety valves, firehole door and some form of brake. Some parts have been fabricated from standard parts, including a set of mitre gears used for the steering and industrial fittings used for water and pressure gauge - whilst eminently practical, they could be replaced to improve the look of the engine considerably.

Length 78 inches
Height 50 inches
Flywheel 21 inch diameter
Front wheels 16 inch diameter
Rear wheels 27 inch diameter

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