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4 1/2 inch Burrell agricultural engine with driving truck - stock code 6351

An exceptionally well-built 4 1/2 inch scale Burrell to the Plastow design, pretty sure it's the nicest one I've ever driven. The work of a talented engineer, with a fine 7 1/4 inch gauge Black 5 to his credit, recently overhauled and repainted, it is as-new condition throughout. Lots of nice detail on this one, from the venturi type chimney liner, reflecting the builder's ideas of draughting (can't argue with it, giving the way the engine steams) right down to the earthing chain dangling from the footrests, to discharge static build up from the safety valves.

CE-marked steel boiler with expanded tubes by AJB Engineering, delivered in February 2013 and first steamed in July of that year. Feed by twin injectors - the owner's preference, although a mechanical pump is fitted although not currently plumbed in. Cast iron cylinder with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear, mechanical lubricator.

Pictures below were taken on a wet, overcast day last week in our yard - there's a video of Jon running it here (don't worry about the rain, he's enjoying himself really).

Complete with a good passenger/coal truck with driving seat on the front, giving a comfortable driving position whilst not loading up the engine tender.

Boiler serial number 0299
Built AJB Engineering Feb-2013
Hydraulic test @240psi for 120psi working pressure

scale 4 inch