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3/4 inch scale spirit-fired traction engine - stock code 1919

A professionally made spirit-fired agricultural traction engine of about 3/4 inch scale, with copper water tube boiler fired by a four wick spirit burner and slide valve cylinder with slip eccentric reversing and displacement lubricator. Steering by worm and pinion with chains to front axle, screw-down brake operating on rear wheel.

The backhead is fitted with pressure and water gauge. There is provision for fitting an external pump to replenish the boiler whilst running. The burner is a four-wick unit with small tank beneath the footplate.

The engine is in very good condition and appears to be very substantially made, with very nicely done fittings and valves. I can't find a manufacturer's mark on it anywhere and would be grateful if anybody could let me know which company was making these rather nice little engines. It runs well and can be throttled back to a nice tickover.

Length 15 inches
Height 8 1/2 inches

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller