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3/4" freelance coal-fired traction engine - stock code 1544

Part of a collection of three traction engines by the same builder, this engine was built in 1951 as a freelance design based on an English agricultural engine. Engineered to a high standard throughout, the model is particularly well-detailed and runs very well.

The multi-tube silver-soldered boiler is fed by a crankshaft driven feed pump controlled by bypass valve, with an auxiliary hand pump hidden in the bunker. The firebox is fitted with a coal grate and ashpan, with the draught controlled by lever-operated damper from the footplate. The cylinder is oiled by a displacement lubricator, made to look like a mechanical lubricator mounted above the trunk guide. Stephenson's valve gear is fitted.

The footplate and backhead are fitted out with pressure gauge and water gauge (with blowdown valve), pump bypass valve, regulator and reversing lever. The steam blower is taken of from the cylinder block with a handwheel valve.

The tender is filled via a water pouch at the rear, the nearside supports a pair of fairleads for the winch cable, with the winch itself mounted on the rear axle behind the nearside rear wheel.

Overall length is around 15 inches.

scale 1 1/2 inch & smaller