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3 inch scale traction engine wagon - stock code 3851

I sold this wagon when new back in 2004, it's recently arrived back - from the state of the rubber tyres it hasn't seen a great deal of use. Words below are from last time, pictures were taken this week.

Although three inch scale traction engines are one of the most popular sizes for rallying, implements and accessories for them (or, indeed, for four inch engines) are very rarely modelled.

Superbly built three inch scale wagon, built to authentic design and highly-detailed. Steel spoked wheels with rubber tyres, front wheels on pivoting fore-carriage. Screwdown brake to rear wheel, operated from handwheel at the back. Planked deck and body with hinge-down sides and tailboard, locking pins with catch chains on all hinges. Tool locker underneath. Working steel leaf springs on all wheels.

The load comprises sixteen hand-stitched corn sacks, each printed "Corn & Seed Merchant Oxford". There is a removable riding seat at the front with padded top.

Finished in lined-out black livery.

Length (body excluding drawbar) 45 inches
Width 22 inches
Seat height 24 inches
Wheels 10 inch diameter

scale 3 inch