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3 inch scale part-built Marshall traction engine - stock code 3996

A pallet full of bits to make a 3 inch scale Marshall traction engine - a popular design which produces a large engine in this scale.

Large quantity of unmachined castings in cast iron and gunmetal, set of drawings, rolled smokebox with front ring, roller chimney tube, rolled wheel rims with T-rings welded in, complete set of laser cut front and rear spokes, commercially-cut gears, copies of original Marshall literature and parts list, machined safety valves and boiler transfers.

There is a new steel boiler, welded construction with expanded copper tubes, bushed for a fusible plug in the firebox. Complete with all material certificates and its initial hydraulic test certificate at 240psi for 120psi running, conducted in June of this year.

We've got a couple of these engines in the workshop at the moment - an 80% complete one and a running engine, there are some pictures and a video clip in the archive here if you want to see what they look like.

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