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3 inch scale part-built Atkinson steam wagon - stock code 2281

A well-advanced example of a 3 inch scale Atkinson wagon, built to Ray Prime's design as serialised in "Engineering in Miniature". A good deal of time and money was expended on the project some years ago, in recent times it has languished in the back of a shed where it has gathered a light coating of dust, rust and cobwebs.

Work to date comprises:

  • Rolling chassis, wheels with bonded on rubber tyres, Ackerman steering

  • Cab, complete with door, roof, back panel

  • Boiler. Copper, silver-soldered - well made, I suspect a commercial product judging from the extremely sparing use of solder (and good penetration of that which is there) and lack of enthusiastic overheating of the copper.

  • Rear water tank

  • Engine

The engine appear complete and turns over, the boiler is largely plumbed up with most of its fittings. There is a complete set of drawings and a ring binder containing photocopies of the original construction series.

Impressive models when finished, I've had a couple in the past (including the Hughes Trophy winning engine - it's in the archive, well worth reading the notes to see what sort of engine can be turned out from this design).

Length 64 inches
Height 28 inches

scale 3 inch