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3 inch scale McLaren 10nhp road locomotive - stock code 7675

A well-advanced 3 inch scale 10nhp McLaren three speed road locomotive, a very large engine in any scale - at a quarter size it's going to come out at over five feet long, we'd estimate it weighing in at around six hundredweight when finished.

Work to date comprises a commercially built CE-marked boiler by AJB Engineering, 175psi working presure, horns fitted and crankshaft installed, complete with flywheel and a pair of connecting rods with crossheads. Transmission shafts are fitted - it's a three speed, four shaft engine - with gearing largely fitted, final drive and differential are loose in a box. Gears all appear commercially produced to a high standard. Wheels are on rubber tyres, the tender is in brass.

Compound cylinder block has been machined ready for fitting, complete with end covers and trunk guides. Safety valve assembly has been machined and is ready to fit to block.

There is a box full of un-machined castings, apparently most of what is required to complete the engine, along with a new 0-300psi pressure gauge which managed to evade the camera.

Complete with drawings and original boiler paperwork from AJB Engineering, with initial hydraulic test certificate.

Length 60 inches
Width 29 inches
Height 37 inches

scale 3 inch