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3 inch scale Maxitrak Aveling & Porter traction engine - stock code 6106

We've had lots of these Maxitrak Aveling & Porter steam tractors over the years, always been impressed by how well they go - they've got a remarkable "hot rod" high gear which can keep up with pretty much anything on the average club road run, the boiler is free-steaming, even with less than expert firing.

This is a kit to build an Aveling tractor - new, unused and largely unassembled, it was bought in 2008 by a gentleman who, having read the instructions and put one or two pieces together, quickly decided it was too big a project for him. Since then it has been stored in his workshop, in pretty much the same condition as it came from Maxitrak six years ago.

As far as we can see the kit's complete, the boiler is the latest TIG-welded CE-marked type fitted to the company's latest products and complete with all paperwork. The model is still in Maxitrak's current range, full details are on their website here.

If you want to see what the thing looks like when finished, there are lots in the archive - this one was particularly nicely put together.

Length 42 inches
Weight 280 pounds

scale 3 inch