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3 inch scale Marshall S-type roller - stock code 4382

A 3 inch scale Marshall convertible steam roller, well-built originally with a commercially-made boiler but neglected in recent years - it needs a winter overhaul and desperately wants a repaint, with the potential to make a good engine of a rarely-modelled prototype (in fact steamrollers in general of all types, save the Wallis "Simplicity", are woefully under-represented in all scales).

Commercial steel boiler by LSM with expanded tubes, built 1993, 110psi working pressure, feed by mechanical pump and injector. Twin locomotive type safety valves which are not prototypical and would be better replaced with something a bit more traction engine looking. Cast iron cylinder with piston valve actuated by Marshall radial valve gear, mechanical lubricator.

I've had the tractor version of this in the past, there are some pictures in the archive here.

Hydraulic test @170psi, 8-3-2011

scale 3 inch