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3 inch scale freelance steam wagon - stock code 7079

A well-built 3 inch scale steam wagon, built nearly fifty years ago by an experienced engineer with several other locomotives to his credit. Built to his own design, it's an intriguing mix of Foden-esque top end with French portable type boiler, welded steel with cylindrical firebox.

The engine hasn't been run in many years, it's come to us from the late builder's son. Stored in good conditions, it turns over smoothly, the motionwork is in remarkably good condition.

Twin cylinder double high engine with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear, pole reverser. Mechanical lubricator. Back axle chain driven through a two speed transmission.

We think this one is complete bar ashpan and grate, it's complete with its original small driving trolley - little more than a tea-tray on pram wheels with small coal box under your backside!

Length 40 inches
Height 24 inches

scale 3 inch