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3 inch scale freelance steam wagon - stock code 3888

I sold this wagon almost exactly a year ago to Colin, who is a talented (not to mention energetic) engineer with many projects to his credit, including locomotives, wagons and stationary engines. It's recently come back in part exchange against a new 3 inch Foden I recently had in. In the intervening months, he's cleaned this one up a little, fitted a larger hand pump and steamed it.

Photographs were taken by Sam this morning, words below are from last year. It was always moot whether the engine was 3 or 4 inch scale (it had always been known in the builder's family as a 4 inch scale engine) - I listed it as 4 inch last year but have decided it's 3 inch this time round.

A freelance single cylinder steam wagon, from the same builder as the 3 inch Burrell currently in stock and stored in much the same conditions in recent years.

Despite initial appearances, build quality underneath the muck is good - the engine turns over smoothly, steering works nicely and it pushes along freely.

Steel boiler, feed by mechanical and hand pumps, single cylinder engine with slide valve actuated by Stephenson's reversing gear. Chain drive to rear axle.

Scale is a moot point - the owner had always been told by his grandfather it was 4 inch, I think it's a big 3 inch although certainly a good two man lift.

Length 63 inches
Weight 307 pounds

scale 3 inch