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3 inch scale Fowler road locomotive - stock code 3927

Recently arrived in part-exchange for a 4 1/2 inch Burrell I had, this is a large 3 inch scale freelance engine, with something of a look of a Fowler road engine about it. We ran it round the yard here when it came in a month or two ago - pretty much everything that can wear is worn, chimney is loose in the base (hence the jaunty angle in the pictures), motionwork rattles merrily.

Copper boiler, 80psi working pressure, feed by mechanical pump and injector. Twin cylinder, simple expansion with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear with pole reverser on footplate. Mechanical lubricator. Two speed, band brake and winch fitted behind nearside rear wheel.

There's a driving trolley sporting a cast iron tractor seat with water tank behind to feed the engine and a folder of paperwork with past boiler tests - last hydraulic certificate was issued April 2007, steam test expired in June of this year. Complete with a box of tools and accessories including oil can, steam-raising blower, funnel, box of fittings, spare gauge glasses, blanking plate for hydraulic test etc.

Length 54 inches
Height 31 inches
Rear wheel 20 inch diameter
Front wheel 15 inch diameter

scale 3 inch