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3 inch scale Fowler BB1 ploughing engine - stock code 6409

A well-advanced Fowler BB1 ploughing engine, scaled up from John Haining's 2 inch design. A formidable thing in 3 inch scale, it's six feet long, over three feet high at the chimney and is likely to weigh something around a third of a ton when complete, going on the K5 "Annie" we sold years ago. Ploughing engines are rare to find in any scale - we've had three or four 2 inch scale engines, one 3 inch and one 4 inch in the last twelve years.

Commercially-built steel boiler, expanded copper tubes. Cast iron cylinders, compound working with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear. Two speed transmission with underslung winch and coiling gear, drive from crankshaft via dog clutch.

This engine has seen out one builder and worn out a second over a period of more than thirty years. Work to date is to a good standard, we would put this one at better than 80% complete, it needs some dedicated effort to make an excellent example of this iconic prototype.

Length 72 inches
Height 38 inches

scale 3 inch