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3 inch scale Foden wagon - stock code 4384

A 3 inch scale Foden, built to Terry Morris’ design, complete with a set of drawings. I’ve sold two or three decent ones in recent years (including the blue one earlier this year which went like a rocket – there are pictures and a video in the archive), however this one has fallen victim to the classic “chaotic overhaul syndrome”, with random bits and pieces removed before the thing was pushed into the back of a shed. The way to have approached the job really was to have cleaned the thing thoroughly (it’s particularly grubby) then dismantle in a rather more methodical fashion.

Underneath, there is quite a decent engine here, in this scale the Foden makes a large, powerful model which has good performance from its compound engine. Boiler is in copper, cylinder block is cast iron with slide valves actuated by Stephenson’s gear. Transmission is three speed, with final drive by chain.

I think we’ve managed to grub together the missing bits, this is a substantially complete engine.

scale 3 inch