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3 inch scale Foden steam wagon - stock code 3846

A 3 inch scale Foden steam wagon - whilst it looks as if it's been stripped for overhaul, from the condition of motion and tyres it appears more likely it's never been finished from new.

Steel boiler with expanded tubes, working pressure 125psi, feed by injector and crankshaft-driven pump with auxiliary hand pump. Twin cylinder compound with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear with pole reverser on footplate, double high valve, mechanical lubricator. Two speed with chain drive to differential in rear axle, bonded rubber tyres.

It goes particularly well - we had it in steam recently and went racing about the yard on it, there's a clip here. Cab is quick detach which makes access for driving a cinch, if doing nothing for the looks.

Complete with a set of drawings.

Length 70 inches
Height 27 inches
Rear wheel 10 inch diameter
Front wheel 9 inch diameter

scale 3 inch