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3 inch scale "Caradoc" steam tractor - stock code 2514

Described in the "Model Engineer" in 1994 by John Haining, "Caradoc" was his take on what steam would have ended up looking like in agriculture had it continued after the war. Using a modified version of his Suffolk Dredging Tractor engine, he came up with an interesting idea which, like all Hainings designs, goes well. By chance this engine came in on Friday, I saw a completed one running around at Belvoir Rally yesterday (good do but wet and b****y cold).

This engine was started five years ago. The builder ordered a boiler from the redoubtable Franklin & Bell - welded steel construction with expanded copper tubes - and a set of laser-cut frames. He machined the gear blanks and cut some of them, machined and erected the cylinder block, machined the valve chests, crossheads & guides, pistons and piston rods and main bearing housings. There is an embryonic fabricated crankshaft.

Complete with the set of "Model Engineer" magazines covering construction and Franklin & Bell's boiler paperwork.

I've recently had an enquiry from a chap about the suitability of this boiler for a vertical boiler locomotive he is considering building. Having thought about it, turning the engine through 90 degrees and converting the entire project into a locomotive seems entirely practical. I think I've even got a set of drawings for a De Winton squirelled away - if interested I'm sure they could be included.

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