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3 inch scale Burrell traction engine - stock code 3820

A venerable example of one of Mr Plastow's Burrells in 3 inch scale - this one has spent many years languishing unused at the back of a garage. Essentially a running engine with sound boiler, it is in need of an overhaul and repaint - a tidy replumbing job and replacement of the modern tin flip-top oilers with some nice little turned brass jobs would be a major improvement if you got really carried away.

Silver soldered copper boiler, feed by mechanical pump - there is an injector fitted, althought the cold water side of the plumbing needs some talking to. Slide valve actuated by Stephenson's gear, pole reverser on footplate. Two road speeds, the engine is fitted with a differential behind the nearside rear wheel.

Ashley had a happy morning playing with it yesterday, there's a clip of the engine running here.

Length 45 inches
Weight 250 pounds

scale 3 inch