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3 inch scale Burrell traction engine - stock code 1975

This is a well-made example of a Burrell agricultural traction engine in 3 inch scale to the popular H.R.Plastow design. Coal-fired copper boiler silver-soldered throughout, boiler feed by mechanical pump and injector with a lifting injector for filling the tender. Single cylinder with Stephenson's valve gear, mechanical and displacement lubricators, governor and whistle. Cylinder drain cocks operated from the footplate.

The engine drives through a two speed transmission with differential. There is a powerful band brake fitted on the offside third shaft and winch behind the nearside rear wheel. The straked wheels are particularly effective over soft ground and the engine comfortably pulls its driver and a couple of boys!

In good overall condition, the front wheels could use some repainting, otherwise it is a very presentable engine which goes well. In three inch scale a Burrell is a very practical size for transporting around for club events and rallies. It is 44 inches long, 29 inches to the top of the chimney and weighs around 300 pounds. It fits into the back of an estate car and can be comfortably loaded single-handed using ramps. Despite all these obvious advantages, the previous owner who bought it from us in 2001 has now part-exchanged it for a 4 1/2 inch version of the same design (working on the principle that half as big again will be at least twice as much fun!).

The engine has a new boiler certificate and is ready to use in the coming rally season.

scale 3 inch