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3 inch scale Burrell SCC Showmans - stock code 3685

Three inch scale Burrell, based on the Plastow design but much modified to produce a single crank compound Showmans engine.

Silver soldered copper boiler, working pressure 110 psi. Feed by injector and crank-driven pump with bypass, water lifter fitted to belly tank. Single crank compound, Stephenson's valve gear with pole reverser on footplate, mechanical lubricator.

The canopy is beautifully made, with a removeable roof section which makes driving a sight easier.

Ian was up testing boilers for me today, so I had a chance to potter around the yard after the steam test - it's nice to drive, the controls are accessible with the roof panel out. You can't see the front wheels when you're running about, you basically aim the canopy where you want to go.

Complete with a fairly basic driving trolley, it really deserves something a little more flamboyant.

Length 50 inches
Weight approx 300 pounds

scale 3 inch