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3 inch scale Atkinson steam wagon - stock code 2439

3 inch scale Atkinson steam wagon, featuring their unique fully-enclosed twin cylinder poppet valved engine, chain driving the back axle. Reversing the engine is accomplished by sliding the camshaft inside the cylinder head (which works better than it sounds). A large engine at almost six feet long and weighing around two hundreweight, I've found it a much easier proposition to keep in steam than a two inch scale wagon with much greater reserves in the boiler and firebox department.

Professionally-built copper boiler, silver-soldered with superheater. Feed by crankshaft driven pump and injector from water tank carried behind the rear axle. Twin cylinder poppet valve engine with mechanical lubricator. Single speed, constantly-engaged transmission chain driving the rear axle. Ackermann-type steering, road wheels rubber-tyred.

This engine was completed about ten years ago but only run on two or three occasions before being largely dismantled for finishing off and painting. It's only finally been reassembled in the last three months and has again been run a couple of times. The bodywork still needs fixing down and the bed requires painting, there are minor detail jobs to do. However, it goes well and has a new boiler certificate expiring January 2006.

Overall length 61 inches
Height 28 inches
Width 20 inches
Rear wheel 10 1/2 inch diameter
Front wheel 9 1/2 inch diameter
Weight approx 200 pounds

scale 3 inch