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3 inch Burrell with driving trolley - stock code 2095

This engine has just returned from a week's tour of duty at the Great Dorset Steam Fair - I thought it was light brown all over until Sam washed the Dorset dust off.

Burrell agricultural traction engine in 3 inch scale to the popular H.R.Plastow design. Coal-fired copper boiler silver-soldered throughout, boiler feed by mechanical pump - an injector is fitted to the nearside tender with steam feed and valve on the fountain, but the water feed plumbing to the boiler clack valve has been removed. Single cylinder with Stephenson's valve gear, mechanical lubricator, governor and whistle. Cylinder drain cocks operated from the footplate.

The engine drives through a two speed transmission with differential. There is a powerful band brake fitted on the offside third shaft and winch behind the nearside rear wheel. The wheels are rubber-tyred, which makes the engine quiet on metalled surfaces, as well as gearing it up slightly.

In working order, with a boiler certificate through to 2005, the previous owner had started repainting the engine from the front and working backwards. The front wheels are painted and lined out, the barrel is painted - the tender, hornplates and rear wheels remain to be done, we have the remainder of the Phoenix Precision green enamel paint used. There is some wear to the motion and big end, although the engine is useable as-is and could, with little effort, be tidied up between events or at the end of the season.

There is a four wheel, pneumatic-tyred riding trolley with the engine containing a tool locker with removeable lid and sufficient room for the driver and passenger.

In three inch scale a Burrell is a very practical size for transporting around for club events and rallies. It fits into the back of an estate car and can be comfortably loaded single-handed using ramps.

44 inches long
30 inches high
Weight 300 pounds

40 inches long over drawbar
23 inch seat height
10 inch diameter wheels

scale 3 inch