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3 1/4 inch scale Aveling tractor - stock code 2239

I have a high regard for Maxitrak, they have a long history of producing kit-built locomotives and traction engines that actually seem to do what it says on the box. I get relatively few of their locomotives in - most owners seem to hang onto them, which speaks volumes - but those I do get always seem to steam well and run nicely.

In addition to their locomotives, Maxitrak produce a range of small, one inch scale traction engines - I've had several of these little Burrells - and also a much larger, 3 inch scale Aveling & Porter tractor. Designed as a hand-tools only assembly job, these well-engineered kits come complete with pretty much everything to complete, including clear and comprehensive instructions.

I don't know the best method to tackle putting one of these kits together, but the one here shows how not to do it! Bought as a complete kit in one go, it has had a few of the major parts assembled before the whole thing was left in a shed for a few years. As a result of this, most of the mild steel components now have an unsightly, if easily removed, dusting of surface rust. However, everything appears to be in the boxes, right down to a set of firing irons. The silver-soldered copper boiler is by Cheddar Models and comes with its original hydraulic test certificate. All pipework is pre-formed and soldered, all platework is complete ready to bolt on, all fittings, gauges, lubricator etc are still in their original bags.

The engine is still in production - it makes a good sized rally engine which is capable of pulling the driver and a couple of passengers, yet at the same time will fit into most cars. For more information, specifications and pictures of the finished article, see Maxitraks website.

When completed:

Length 42 inches
Height 30 inches
Weight 280 pounds

scale 3 inch