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3 1/2 inch Maisie for rebuild - stock code 2293

Well here's a, er, challenging project.

An ancient "Maisie", built to LBSC's venerable 1927 take on Ivatt's great large-boilered Atlantics. One can only speculate what Ivatt would have made of this one.

Copper combustion chamber boiler with flue-tube superheaters. Feed by axle pump, the engine would have had an injector which has long since disappeared (although there's a steam takeoff on the backhead for same). The boiler has been taken off at some point and loosely reassembled at a jaunty angle - it's currently a quarter inch too far forward, which kicks the back up and means the cab doesn't sit down straight.

The chassis looks to have been quite well made, albeit about two hundred years ago. It runs along quite freely.

The engine apparently never had a tender - the original builder used to run a driving truck straight behind it. The tender shown in the second picture is a new Maisie tender I have in stock, this is available separately if required.

The engine actually managed a run right to the end of the garden and back last night (after replacing the perished old water gauge packing). There are opportunities for optimisation, as they say...

gauge 3 1/2 inch