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3 1/2 inch gauge Southern Q1 - stock code 4970

A finely made 3 ½ inch gauge version of Bulleid's wartime Q1, a rarely-modelled prototype. The original made no claims to beauty of form, but was a successful design, ideal for the job it was built for – economy of build, powerful and easy to maintain in the difficult circumstances of the times. A total of 40 were built, highly regarded for their performance, routinely running heavy freight trains normally requiring a much larger engine.

This engine was built over a five year period starting in the late 1970s by a prolific model engineer using the preserved Q1 – then running at the Bluebell Railway, now in the NRM at York – as reference. It’s never been steamed – we’ve run it on air but it’s otherwise in “ex-works” condition.

Finely detailed, including a fully-detailed backhead, steam reversing gear, canvas cab sheet and tender blackout shutters as per the prototype it would require modification to the tender if used – at present there is no provision for getting at the backhead when coupled locomotive and tender are coupled together.

Complete with a pair of carrying cases.

Locomotive 26 inches
Tender 19 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch