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3 1/2 inch gauge Southern gear 0-6-0T - stock code 4064

An interesting old tank engine, made many years ago and, although of freelance design, done up to look like a Great Western pannier tank there's something a bit 1366-ish about it. Underneath is a well-engineered locomotive featuring Southern valve gear, an LBSC-type resonator whistle and a large capacity, ingeniously installed handpump worked through a cranked linkage with the handle fitted just below footplate level on the offside of the cab.

The original boiler was soft-soldered and calked, it finally gave up the ghost some years ago. In 1997 a new silver-soldered copper boiler was fitted.

Feed is by axle pump and injector with handpump mounted between the frames at the rear.

Length 20 inches
Wheel dia 2 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch