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3 1/2 inch gauge Royal Scot - stock code 2165

3 1/2 inch Royal Scot, built in 1935 to Greenly's design for Bonds O' Euston Road - he reworked the same design in 7 1/4 inch gauge for Bassett-Lowke following the successful visit of the full-size Royal Scot to America.

Copper superheated boiler, nutted and soft-solder calked firebox. Fed by axle pump and auxiliary hand pump in tender. Twin safety valves. Two cylinders with piston valves actuated by Walschaerts valve gear. A large displacement lubricator is mounted behind the buffer beam with individual metering valves for each cylinder.

A well-made model, the engine shows only modest wear to motion and axleboxes - it has a piece of ballasted display track on which I assume it has spent most of its life. It has been repainted at some stage, covering the "6100" painted numerals on the cabside. The tender is sign-written - this was the age before mail-order transfers were available at the end of a telephone!

In deference to the age of the model, I have not steamed it - at nearly seventy years old it is really more of a display piece than a serious passenger-hauler. The main structure of the boiler is sound, but the soft-solder calked construction is really of a different era to our modern all silver-soldered boilers and is not recommended for modern day running.

Locomotive 30 inches
Tender 17 inches

gauge 3 1/2 inch